Madeleine Bay

Photo of CD cover: Madeleine BayMadeleine Bay features fingerstyle acoustic guitar compositions by Jim Krause. The infusion of cellist Anne Hurley creates a beautiful, unique and expansive combination of texture and style. Madeleine Bay is available on-line and in select stores in January, 2010.

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These songs are inspired by travels, not by car, but under sail, paddle, and by foot. We began our musical journey separated by hundreds of miles and youthful lives. Years after the joyful discovery that we loved one another, we began to explore charted waters and mountain trails, and translated our wonder and gratitude for the natural world into original tunes that weave classical themes with the rich tapestry of folk traditions and indigenous music. This collection is dedicated with love to the memory of our dear daughter, Maddy.
- Jim & Anne

1 Northwest Passage 3:34
2 Achill Island 2:44
3 Story of My Life 2:54
4 Wind River 3:36
5 Sunday Afternoon 2:21
6 Madeleine Bay 2:34
7 Samba 3:19
8 Arctic Night 3:40
9 Anne's Song 2:47
10 Falling 3:18
11 Sahale 3:37
12 Seventh Heaven 3:10
13 Sand Bay 3:18
14 Simple at Heart 2:46
15 Roesie's Holiday 2:41


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